Mapping enforcement hotspots

The Inkara smartphone app captures GPS coordinates for every notice, both Parking Charge Notices and Environmental Fixed Penalty Notices, providing users with the ability to view hotspots of notice activity. 


Accounts can be integrated (*) with Google Maps, allowing all of the standard google mapping tools to be utilised, such as drilling into individual notice information, and displaying a google streetview image of the location. 


Councils and operators can use this information to target specific problem areas, helping to reduce or prevent antisocial behaviour.

(*) requires Google Places credits

Patrol Software

Staff patrols

Log site or town/city centre patrols through a smartphone app

Proof of presence

Log each patrol through an easy-to-use mobile app

Improve facility management

Record faults or issues as they arise

Manage suppliers

Improve job reporting to third party suppliers and manage their response times

Improve customer service

Ensure customer-facing equipment and facilities are fixed promptly

Sales & Support

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