Revenue Protection software

Arepo's Inkara Software-as-a-Service solution helps to protect revenue on the railways from issuing a notice on our mobile app, through to complete management of every notice through our comprehensive back-office portal. 

The Inkara app

On-train customer service staff and revenue protection officers issues relevant notices, such as MG11, Unpaid Fare Notices (UFN) or Travel Irregularity Notices, using the simple Inkara mobile app. The app provides simple pages and functions for on-train staff to capture all relevant information about an offender, and includes address and person verification through an integrated online lookup facility. Once all the information has been collected and photographic evidence captured the notice is printed using a robust mobile printer.

Notices and evidence are uploaded to the prosecutions database in real time through the mobile network or on-board WiFi, allowing offenders to pay their penalty fare or fine immediately.

The software can be deployed on a train operating company's existing mobile hardware used for ticketing, reducing the amount of hardware staff need to carry as well as the capital spend required. 

Managing prosecutions

Inkara provides revenue protection staff with a comprehensive back-office portal to manage all of the downstream processes, from fine payment through to follow up letters, witness statements, summons and creation of the Single Justice Procedure Notice. 

The portal includes analysis and reporting tools, helping TOCs to manage and reconcile payments, identify hotpots of fare evasion activity and create management reports. Users may also create their own queries through the simple to use searching facility provided. 

Integration with other modules

The Revenue Protection module can be integrated with other modules such as Car Park enforcement, Staff Patrols and Permit Management reducing the amount of data that needs to be configured within an account. Where the smartphone app is in use, staff can access all of these functions through a single, easy-to-use android application. When patrol staff issue a PCN, the application can alert the user to the presence of any associated tickets or permits. 

Please get in touch to discuss how Inkara's software solutions can help manage your parking or environmental enforcement regime.

Revenue Protection Software

Ticket compliance

Issue Unpaid Fare Notices and Travel Irregularity Notices through Smartphone apps or paper-based systems

Civil action

Escalate unpaid notices to civil action processes through relevant Magistrates Courts

Customer services

Manage all appeals and correspondence through centralised software


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