Mapping Revenue Protection enforcement hotspots

The Inkara smartphone app captures GPS coordinates for every notice issued, both Unpaid Fare Notices and Travel Irregularity Notices (UFNs and MG11s), providing users with the ability to view hotspots of notice activity. 


Accounts can be integrated (*) with Google Maps, allowing all of the standard google mapping tools to be utilised, such as drilling into individual notice information, and displaying a google streetview image of the location. 


Train Operating Companies can use this information to target specific problem areas based on the data stored within their revenue protection and/or parking enforcement account. 

(*) requires Google Places credits

Revenue Protection Software

Ticket compliance

Issue Unpaid Fare Notices and Travel Irregularity Notices through Smartphone apps or paper-based systems

Civil action

Escalate unpaid notices to civil action processes through relevant Magistrates Courts

Customer services

Manage all appeals and correspondence through centralised software


Link to other Inkara modules for parking, staff patrols and facility management

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