Online Parking Software 

Arepo's Inkara Parking Software provides car park operators and landowners with access to online car park software tailored to each client's needs. 

Inkara is provided as customised Software as a Service (SaaS), accessible by car park customers and back office administators through all standard web browsers. The solution can be fully customised to businesses existing web site portfolio, maintaining brand continuity throughout the online experience.

Inkara Parking Software has been deployed at:

  • Large retail car parks
  • Airport parking operations
    • Meet and Greet / valet parking
    • Park and Ride / Self-park
  • Hospital Trust car parks

Our online parking software can be customised to each client's needs ensuring that reservations, parking permits, parking charge notices and the car park facilities can be managed effectively. 

Solutions can be deployed using the online software and can be further enhanced with our smartphone applications helping to reduce paper-based processes and increase automation. The parking app can be used to check customers in (and record any existing damage to their car), log the patrols your staff complete, manage faults or issues with your parking facilities, or issue parking charge notices (PCN's).

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Parking Software

Online sales

Sell parking spaces as prebooking or season tickets

Parking compliance

Issue Parking Charge Notices through Smartphone apps

Customer recognition

Recognise customers using the car park with ANPR or barcodes


Link to booking agents and pay by mobile 

Staff patrols

Log site patrols through a smartphone app

No unforeseen costs

Straight-forward subscription costs

Sales & Support

+44 (0)20 7280 4390