Car park reservations & prebooking

The Reservations and Prebooking software provides car park operators with the ability to pre-sell parking spaces across their parking estate. Pre-selling car park spaces benefits both the parking operator by improving cash flow, forecasting and customer information capture, and the customer, who has access to reduced parking rates or premium services.

Inkara can help parking operators by providing:

  • A single piece of software for staff to manage bookings from all sources
  • Tools to generate online sales through your existing website
  • Generate reports to help manage staffing requirements
  • Graphical reports to show peak and end-of-day occupancy for each parking area
  • Automated email alerts to advice car park managers when the number of bookings is reaching capacity, helping to manage parking yield
  • Smartphone apps for checking customers in and out of the car park, and taking photos of any vehicle damage
  • Mobile patrol smartphone app with GPS and RFID logging to provide proof of presence for car park patrols

The parking software can easily be integrated across both your web site and your different clients web sites, ensuring brand continuity throughout the purchasing process. Inkara also provides integration between the parking reservation software (web and call centre payments) and Credit / Debit card Payment Services Providers ensuring that all monies are processed securely and directly into the parking operator's bank account. 

As the whole solution is web-based, Inkara can be deployed easily across many locations, without the need to install software on any PC or Server. Users simply access their account using a standard internet browser on any device. 

If you would like to discuss how our software solutions can benefit your car park then please get in touch.

Parking Software

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Sell parking spaces through your web sites

Customer recognition

Recognise customers using the car park with ANPR, barcodes and smartphone apps


Link to booking agents, event organisers and ticket shops

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Log site patrols with a smartphone app

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Solutions to centralise business data and improve analysis

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