Managing Cruise Terminal parking

Car parks at Cruise Terminals can be very busy, often in very concentrated time periods due to the number of cruise passengers arriving and departing on the same day. This makes the parking operation 'peaky' and sometimes difficult to manage, especially where spaces are limited. The Inkara parking software modules can provide parking operators with the tools to be able to analyse the bookings and help to provide great customer service. 

Inkara can help car parks at cruise terminals by providing:

  • A single piece of software for your staff to manage bookings from all sources
  • Generate reports to help manage staffing requirements
  • Graphical reports to show peak and end-of-day occupancy for each parking area
  • Automated email alerts to advice car park managers when the number of bookings is reaching capacity, helping to manage parking yield
  • Smartphone apps for checking customers in and out of the car park, and taking photos of any vehicle damage
  • Mobile patrol smartphone app with GPS and RFID logging to provide proof of presence for car park patrols

Inkara Parking can also provide:

  • Full back-office administration of the car park operations
  • Online and call centre sales
  • Booking engine integrated into your web site maintaining your brand throughout the purchase
  • Integration between the booking system and car park equipment for customer recognition
  • Import of car park bookings from multiple sources including travel agents, consolidators and cruise / ferry websites
  • Referral access providing parking products to associated port businesses such as cruise and ferry service providers
  • Upsellling to premium products or add-ons including car cleaning and premium bays
  • Smartphone applications to reduce operational administration and improve procedures and data capture

Inkara helps you to manage the relationship with your car park customers, interacting with them and gaining valuable feedback to help improve the products offered. The built-in analysis tools ensure that you can determine the most profitable booking periods and purchase routes, regardless of their origin, to optimise your car park revenue.

If you would like to discuss how our software solutions can benefit your car park then please get in touch.

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