Generate and manage additional sales

Selling value added products to parking customers provides an important service and revenue stream to car park operators. The flexible 'Extras' module in Inkara provides a virtual Point of Sales (POS) system, allowing parking extras to be sold and managed through your account. 

Examples of Parking Extras sold include:

  • Car clean services
  • Valet services
  • Car servicing products
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Welcome home packs
  • Grocery packs
  • Travel essentials such as chargers, adapters and baggage security

The software allows you to configure any type of additional sales product you wish and can be configured to display either through your web site or through the back office administration portal.

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Parking Software

Start upselling

Increase reveue by offering extras to customers

Car cleans

manage and sell valets, and ensure cleans are completed in time


simply manage your list of extras and allow Inkara to help you to grow sales

Sales management

keep sales of extras separate from agent commissions

Price matching

match a price and win the business


our flexible subscription model allows you to test marketing strategies within your budget


Sales & Support

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