Car Park Patrols

Car park operators are often required to provide patrols of the parking facilities throughout the day either as part of their approach to customer service or due to contractual obligations. Patrol staff monitor the whole parking facility including the infrastructure and equipment installed and usually have to record and report any faults or issues as they are identified.

The Inkara smartphone application helps parking operators to record and monitor events around the car park including:

  • Car park patrols and proof of presence
  • Equipment faults and escalation
  • Infrastructure and third party issues

As each member of staff logs in to the patrol software, parking managers are able to analyse their patrol operations. Patrol reports can be genreated for each client that you work with, helping to ensure that Service Level agreements (SLA's) are met. 

The patrol app also allows photos to be taken and uploaded.

Location and Asset tagging

Locations and assets within your car park can be set up within the Inkara parking software. These locations are available to be recorded on the mobile app through various tags including Near Field Communication (NFC), Barcodes or through the use of drop-down menus.

Near Field Communications (NFC) technology

Assets and locations can be tagged with an NFC (contactless) tag. Staff use the mobile device to scan the asset or patrol point and the GPS coordinates and time are logged in the Inkara database. If any faults have previously been reported for any particular point, the app alerts the user and provides additional information. 


As an alternative to RFID / NFC tagging, barcodes can be used to identify specific locations or assets. The patrol staff scan the barcode using their smartphone and all of the location and / or fault information is logged and uploaded.


The uploaded information can be analysed and reported on, providing supporting data for Service Level Agreement or other reviews.

Parking Software

Staff patrols

Log site patrols through a smartphone app

Proof of presence

Log each patrol through an easy-to-use mobile app

Improve facility management

Record faults or issues as they arise

Manage suppliers

Improve job reporting to third party suppliers and manage their response times

Improve customer service

Ensure customer-facing equipment and facilities are fixed promptly

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