Parking Charge Notice (PCN) Enforcement

Once a PCN has been issued there are many contact points with the customer. Some customers may simply pay the PCN online using a credit or debit card, whilst others may wish to find out more information about the PCN or to lodge a PCN appeal.

PCN payments

All payments are registered within your account and, where paid by credit / debit card, funds are processed directly into your bank account. Every payment is fully auditable throughout an account allowing reconciliation of payments either globally or on a per client, or per location, basis.

Appeals and customer services

Where customers wish to appeal against the issuing of a particular PCN, all correspondence can be stored with the original PCN. This ensures that a customer services agent has all of the information to hand quickly and efficently to be able to assist the customer.

PCN escalation

All of the PCN rules are customisable by account and by location ensuring that your account fits with each and every car park's needs. Once the PCN payment rules have past, PCNs can be passed to a debt collection stage. Debt collection data can be passed to third party agents or managed internally depending on your business requirements. 

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Parking Software

Parking compliance

Issue Parking Charge Notices through Smartphone apps or paper-based systems

Debt collection

Escalate unpaid PCNs to debt collection processes

Customer services

Manage all appeals and correspondence through centralised software


Link to other modules and pay by mobile 

Staff patrols

Log site patrols through a smartphone app

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