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Park & Ride car parks are often provided by both on-airport and off-airport parking operators. Whichever the type of car park operation, the Inkara parking software can help. Utilising the online software to manage all of the car park reservations provides a powerful tool to help manage the parking operation. The easy-to-use reporting software helps airport parking operators understand the peaks and troughs of customer arrivals and departures throughout each day and the data is used to forecast when and where the customer transport is required.

Managing your customers

Using the online parking software provided by Inkara, car park operators manage all of their customers, regardless of where the booking was made, through a web-based application. The software allows car park staff to easily manage the park and ride operation through simple web pages and / or a smartphone application.

Managing your car park spaces

As all of your car park customers are managed through a single application, the Inkara parking software allows car park operators to manage their available parking spaces efficiently. Car park staff no longer have to manually create daily running sheets from multiple sources as the Inkara application manages it all automatically. Centralisation of all booking data ensures that the car park occupancy can be monitored and forecasts can help manage those parking spaces, especially important when operating in peak periods.

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