Connect with Affiliates and Referral Agent sales

Parking operators want to sell their parking space through as many channels as possible, helping to generate additional revenue on top of direct sales. As well as providing online and call centre booking tools, Inkara helps you to connect to Travel Agents, Hotels, Airlines and other third party sales agents. 

  • Automated imports from online travel agents and consolidators
  • Secure access for agents to process bookings
  • Track and analyse all sales through referral codes
  • Control the parking products and prices that the agents have access to
  • Assign individual commissions and discounts to any agent
  • Provide flexible commission plans for agents
  • Invoice and statement generation for 'on account' agents, simplifying your billing process
  • Keep control of your customer data for analysis and marketing
  • Provides real-time reporting of all sales channels

Find out more about how Inkara can help you implement online parking products for your car park operations by calling +44 (0)20 7280 4390 or by using our Contact Us page.

Parking Software


increase bookings with a discount or commission based referral scheme

Drive sales

grow revenue by building new affiliate relationships


our flexible subscription model allows you to test marketing strategies within your budget


drive new sales using Inkara's referral scheme and grow your business one agent at a time 

Data confidence

take control of your data with a safe and secure Inkara account

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