Parking software for any country

Whichever country your car park operations are based in, Inkara Parking software can help. The customer facing web pages and back office application can be configured to:

  • translate the entire purchase process in to the local language/s
  • offer parking products in your local currency
  • display currency and dates formatted to your country
  • allow back-office users to switch between any configured language

Some examples of Inkara parking software operating in different countries can be seen at:


France Australia






Find out more about how Inkara can help you implement online parking products for your car park operations by calling +44 (0)20 7280 4390.

Parking Software

Language support

accounts can be configured to work in any country

Locale support

accounts can be configured to work in any timezone and currency

Online sales

bookings can be made online using multiple payment methods


our straight-forward subscription means you pay only for what you use

One solution

all your parking information managed in one easily accessible location

Sales & Support

+44 (0)20 7280 4390