Software for managing commuter car parks

Operating commuter car parks often requires a mix of parking products to be available to customers from traditional on-site ticketing through to integrated online sales. Having a single system that can manage a range of products helps parking operators to reduce the overheads associated with running the car parks.

Range of products

Whether the car park is managed with access control equipment (Pay on Foot and barrier) or by Pay and Display, Inkara can support your car parks by providing online parking products including:

  • e-tickets (from hourly and daily tickets through to season permits)
  • Season tickets
  • Permits
  • Staff permits
  • Reservations

Depending on how the car park operates, permits can be offered as e-permits, dispatch by post, collect at site or print at home.

E-tickets can be supported by the Inkara smartphone app allowing your staff to easily identify vehicles with valid tickets or permits. And all in the same app that let's them manage parking enforcement, car park patrols and equipment / infrastructure faults.

Knowing your customers

As customers can use the commuting services as anonymous users, online parking services provide you with the ability to capture important customer information, helping you to target specific customers with future offers related to the car park or the transport services. 

Find out more about how Inkara can help you implement online parking products within your commuter car park operations by calling +44 (0)20 7280 4390.

Parking Software

Online sales

Sell parking spaces as prebooking or season tickets

Parking compliance

Issue Parking Charge Notices through Smartphone apps

Staff & customer management

Manage all parking information in a centralised database

Customer recognition

Recognise customers using the car park with ANPR or barcodes


Link to ticket agents and pay by mobile 

Staff patrols

Log site patrols, equipment maintenance and facility faults through a smartphone app

Sales & Support

+44 (0)20 7280 4390