Parking enforcement software

Private operators and councils often deploy mobile staff to patrol car parks, streets and town centres to ensure that local regulations are being adhered to. These patrol services can be multidisciplinary, providing cost effective use of staff, and Arepo's Inkara software solution delivers:

  • Car park patrols and issuing Parking Charge Notices (PCN)
  • Car parks, town and city centre patrols
  • Issuing Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) for Environmental enforcement of littering and commercial waste 

The Inkara mobile software allows access to the relevant enforcement modules, and captures geographic information to allow managers to review notices issued through the integrated mapping reports. Hot spots of activity can be helpful in identifying local areas of concern, ensuring that visits to those areas are optimised to assist compliance. 

Issuing notices 

The Inkara app is used to collect all of the information needed for enforcement officers to issue a ticket. Once all of the information is obtained, the patrol staff print the ticket using a robust mobile printer and place it on the vehicle.  

Once Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued, the information, including all associated evidence (such as photos) is uploaded to your Inkara account. 

PCN payments

Enforcement notices can be paid by the customer directly on your web site, or your staff, for instance in a local office or call centre, can process payments on the customer's behalf. The payment rules can be configured per location and the price presented to, and paid by the customer is automatically calculated. All steps within the notice issuing process are auditable within your account. 

Integration with other modules

The car park enforcement module is integrated with other modules such as Staff Patrols and Permit Management reducing the amount of data that needs to be configured within an account. Where the smartphone app is in use, staff can access all of these functions through a single, easy-to-use android application. When patrol staff issue a PCN, the application can alert the user to the presence of any associated tickets or permits. 

Please get in touch to discuss how Inkara's software solutions can help manage your parking enforcement processes.

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