Recognising customers at the car park

Inkara parking software uses web services and data transfers to securely pass reservation data between your account and any parking equipment installed at your car parks. Integration provides a seamless experience for your customers from making the original booking to entering and exiting the airport car park. Whether customers have purchased parking directly through your web site, or via a travel agent or booking site, they can be recognised when they arrive at your car park or parking area:

  • automatically through number plate recognition
  • by scanning a barcode on their phone or printed voucher
  • by entering a reference number
  • by presenting a printed voucher to your staff
  • by staff using our mobile application

These processes capture actual usage data for your parking products in real time, providing you with the ability to plan and direct your operational resource to where it is needed at that time.

We have experience of integrating services with all of the main parking equipment suppliers using various recognition systems including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR / LPR) and barcode scanning. Using  automated customer recognition reduces the amount of back office administration required to reconcile all of your pre-booked customers.

If you would like to discuss how our software solutions can benefit your car park then please get in touch.

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