Mobile software for parking enforcement

Inkara's mobile software provides parking operators with a cost effective solution to issue Parking Charge Notices (PCN's) and Warning Notices whilst capturing important photographic and geographic evidence. 

The mobile application pulls data from your account ensuring that all of the relevant business rules for each site are applied, including all of the PCN charge schemes and the ability to issue warning notices. Your staff simply select each site as they arrive and the software automatically applies the rules. 

The phone’s integral camera is used to capture time-stamped photographic evidence that is automatically uploaded as part of the PCN process. Optionally, GPS data can also be collected and stored, allowing PCN's to be mapped. 

Notices and warnings are printed using industry standard robust mobile devices and the information is uploaded, along with the photographic evidence, in real time.   

Car park patrol software

Car park operators are often required to provide patrols of the parking facilities throughout the day either as part of their approach to customer service or due to contractual obligations. Patrol staff monitor the whole parking facility including the infrastructure and equipment installed and usually have to record and report any faults or issues as they are identified.

The Inkara smartphone application can also help parking operators to record and monitor events around the car park including:

  • Car park patrols and proof of presence
  • Equipment faults and escalation
  • Infrastructure and third party issues

Arepo has over 10 years experience in building mobile applications across a range of mobile operating systems. As the mobile hardware has evolved, so has our software, and we will continue to develop our software to meet our client's ever changing needs.

Parking Software

Parking compliance

Issue Parking Charge Notices through Smartphone apps or paper-based systems

Debt collection

Escalate unpaid PCNs to debt collection processes

Customer services

Manage all appeals and correspondence through centralised software


Link to other modules and pay by mobile 

Staff patrols

Log site patrols through a smartphone app

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